Info for Teachers and Leaders

Character building adventure + (enjoyment2 x achievement) = raised levels of achievement**Research tested and proven

Supporting you to inspire and educate young people


At Nant BH and Pentre we are passionate about adventure and outdoor learning and the proven impact this has on young people’s:

  • confidence and resilience
  • attainment
  • motivation and appetite for learning
  • health and well being
  • ability to understand and take sensible risks
  • behaviour and attendance
  • ability to work with others
  • appreciation and care for the culture and environment of North Wales

We will work closely with you to deliver a programme that best meets the needs of your group.

Planning your visit to Nant BH or Pentre on Evolve

  • The visit leader logs in using their own Evolve username and password (ask your EVC or Head if you aren’t sure what this is)
  • Add a new visit and give it a unique name
  • Select ‘residential’ and ‘adventurous led by independent provider’ in the visit type section
  • Select ‘multi activities led by provider’ in the adventurous activities section
  • Make sure to get it approved by your Head on Evolve at least 28 days before the start date

If there is anything else we can do to help you to make the most of your course please contact us to let us know.

“It is wonderful to see a child that has particular learning difficulties 'shine' in the practical activities, and as a result receive praise and respect from his friends.”Northop Hall