Improving Conwy

Improving Conwy Event


We are very happy to be involved in the Improving Conwy event, aimed at encouraging children and their parents and carers to get outdoors, interact with the environment and get both healthy and active in the amazing natural spaces we have around us in Conwy (and further afield in Wales!).

The launch takes place on Friday, where the video we have been involved in (alongside Ash Dykes, UK and Welsh ‘Adventurer of the Year’) will be shown, and competition winners will get the chance to work with our instructors and Ash in an Outdoor Activity.

One of our favourite activities for the family is building a shelter – so here’s some tips and guidance to get the most out of your time in the wild:


> First find a site – don’t use somewhere that’s someone’s private property, or that’s somewhere where rare plants and animals live that you might damage


> Take a look at different ways of building a shelter – there’s lots of designs online (we’d recommend using a design that doesn’t need you to take anything like a plastic sheet or string with you – as it saves you having to pack anything and means you know how to build one using just natural materials!)

> Don’t use living material to build it – there’s usually plenty of dead wood and plant material around to use

> If you’re really brave – try sleeping in it for a night!

> Leave no trace! Proper adventurers make sure no-one could tell they were there after they’ve finished: pack out your litter and take down your shelter.

> Have an awesome time!

> Keep an eye on our web page and twitter account ( ) for more information. If you’re a school or youth organisation we have lots of resources you can use, and we can also provide all kinds of adventure and environmental experiences (both residential and day-visits) for your children, or training for your staff – just feel free to get in touch!

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